Search Process

Our consultative approach to the search process begins with you.

It Begins With You

Your needs. Your goals. Your expectations. Any successful recruiter understands the importance of consulting with each client and candidate. That’s why we take the time to add color and dimension to flat black-and-white job descriptions and resumes. By taking a wholistic approach, we are better able to match the correct blend of technical, leadership and soft skills to ensure a successful search result.

What We Bring

By combining almost 50 years of accounting, finance, and HR recruiting experience with state-of-the-art technology, we are able to identify exceptional talent for our clients with unparalleled speed and efficiency.

Creative business people working together

Proven Search Process:

Step 1

Client Meeting

We talk through your needs, listen, and consult to establish a groundwork for a successful search and develop an ideal candidate profile.

Step 2

Candidate Selection

We identify and interview hand-picked candidates based on client requirements. Each matching candidate is thoroughly vetted, including due diligence, reference checks, and confirmation that the candidate’s interests mesh with the client’s needs.

Step 3

Interview Coordination

We schedule client-required interviews coordinating the calendars of all parties based on the needs of the client, candidate, and any additional stakeholders.

Step 4

Ongoing Communication

We remain in close contact with the client and candidate throughout the interview process, soliciting feedback after each step to ensure all parties are aligned.

Step 5

Offer And Negotiation

We act as a liaison between parties to clarify expectations and facilitate negotiations.

Step 6

Seamless Transition

We assist the candidate in preparing a resignation letter and presenting it in a manner designed to mitigate the risk of a counteroffer.

Step 7

Post Acceptance Check-In

We follow up with the client and candidate to ensure all expectations are being met or exceeded.